Tile Roof Replacement


Clay tiles come in a wide array of colors, from light shades to dark or multi-colored, making it easy to coordinate your roof with exterior colors. Roof tiles can match any architectural style required for the building structure. Increased curb appeal and quality= increased overall value of home.


Tile Roofs are very durable, fire resistant, are built to withheld high winds, and are hail resistant. There are still tile roofed homes in the world today that are centuries old with their original Tile roof.


There are many awesome reasons to choose tile. They are sustainable, and have the lowest life cycle costs, they are environmentally friendly because they do not deplete limited natural resources, and chemical preservatives are not used in the production. Also, they cut the transfer of heat by up to 70% compared to asphalt shingles resulting in cooler summers. Natural air ventilation causes heating costs to be reduced in the winter.


Tile roofs are one of the simplest systems to install. Installation and maintenance costs in the long run are much lower than other roofing materials. Also, with tile there is a lot less maintenance involved. They are also the cheapest to repair because they are individually installed.

Installing a Clay Tile Roof

Composite Roof Replacement


Composite Shingles are a good choice for a clean look at an affordable price. Slate is more expensive but offers a natural look.


Higher-quality versions made from asphalt or fiberglass shingles offer a more durable option and may be available with recycled content. Composition shingles come in a large selection of types, brands and colors. Versatile, they adapt easily to different applications. Slate offers a very natural look and cab be laid out in a variety of patterns. It comes in a good selection of sizes and colors, although colors are limited to those found in nature.

The Negatives

Composite Shingles can blow off in high winds and the material are easy to scar if hot. Furthermore, composite shingles do not have the dimensional look of tile. Like tile, slate can be very heavy, sometimes requiring expensive extra support. It, too, is breakable enough that walking on it is difficult for a non-professional, complicating such tasks as rooftop maintenance, gutter cleaning and painting.



Composite Shingles are relatively easy to install, and in some applications can be nailed in place over an existing roof. They require low maintenance and can be walked on without damaging the material. The benefits of slate are identical to those of tile: a very long lifespan, good fire protection, low maintenance, and an invulnerably to rot and insects.

Composite Tile

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