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The weather is getting cold outside and small animals are looking for a warm place to hibernate. Impact Roofing has had to repair several roofs this month from small animals making their way in through the roof ventilation or chewing there why through a smaller hole that was in the roof.  Roof damage from animals is not only possible, it is a definite threat.. If you suspect damage from small animals in your roof our attic contact Impact Roofing and we will send a professional out to take a look.

Small Animals To Look Out For

What Types of Animals | What Kind of Damage They Do | Prevention

What Types of Animals Invade Roofs?

  • Bats
  • Mice
  • Possums
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Woodpecker

What Kind of Roof Damage Can They Cause?

Animals commonly enter roofs through the soffits and soffit vents. They chew and tear at the surrounding material until enough space has been made for them to squeeze inside. They might also remove shingles and make their through rotting wood to gain access through a chimney or gutter. Larger critters such as raccoons may be deterred from entering through fans or vents, but small rodents can easily overcome obstacles in their quest for a warm, dry nesting place. Once an animal has made an entrance hole, other animals can find a way inside also, plus water can find it’s way in that same hole, which will saturate wood and may cause serious mold and damage.

Birds will use a section of the roof or attic as their nest, but once inside, they can destroy the electrical wiring and venting systems. Rats, mice and squirrels instinctively gnaw on wood and wiring and causing further havoc.


Trim all tree branches away from your home. Branches too close to your home is are a  common way for animals to climb onto the roof’s surface. Clean debris from gutters regularly to deter birds from nesting in the space, preventing proper water drainage.

Inspect your attic’s interior on a regular basis, looking for droppings, gathered nesting material and signs of a frequently used animal entrance.

Walk around your home and inspect the perimeter of the roof from ground level and look for missing shingles or torn roofing materials. Call a Impact Roofing if you see any type of interior or exterior roof damage. If you can see and hear a critter in your attic call animal control to safely remove the animal first.

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